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       Assistive Technology Team
Sugarloaf School
Monroe County School District
Definition, Duties, Responsibilities and Weekly Schedules
IDEA; Individuals with Disabilities Act defines Assistive Technology as both devices and services that improve functional capabilities of students with disabilities. During each IEP meeting, Assistive Technology is considered for each student. If an IEP team member, parent, and or other specialist deem AT consideration necessary, a referral is generated by the Staffing Specialist and the Teacher. An evaluation of the student follows. The parent has input at any level.
Assistive Technology is federally mandated in terms of “consideration of” for each student with a disability who has an Individual Education Plan; IEP.
The members of the Assistive Technology team are knowledgeable in the following areas:
  • Specific Learning Disabilities
  • Hearing Impairments
  • Visual Impairments
  • Physical Impairments
  • Fine Motor/Gross Motor Impairments
  • Speech/Language Impairments
  • Autism
  • Developmental Disabilities
  • InD
  • OHI
  • Traumatic Brain Injury
Duties of the Monroe Assistive Technology Team:
1.      Assistive Technology assessments for students from Key West to Key Largo
2.      Professional Development for teachers, paraprofessionals
3.      Technical assistance for teachers, paraprofessionals, and parents.
4.      Trial use of equipment for students use as per recommendations from evaluation
5.      Follow through with students requiring/using AT.
6.      Setting up equipment in classrooms for students requiring AT from Key West to Key Largo along with working with current and or new teachers on use
7.      Ordering equipment, researching equipment for students with all disabilities
8.      Learning new software, low tech devices to high tech dynamic voice output
9.      Working closely with teachers and their day to day needs for low to mid tech support
10. Providing support for teachers in the form of face to face contact or simulating software together electronically.
11. Attending IEP meetings when requested
12. Working closely with low incidence areas; HI, VI, and Autism specialists to support day to day teacher needs with these disabilities
13. Ordering equipment for the above students as needed
14. Working closely with OT’s and PT’s to determine fine and gross motor needs and ordering equipment for students in need within the district
15. Operating an Assistive Technology Lab/library for teacher use at May Sands in Key West- Room 301
16. Ordering all equipment, maintaining equipment at all times for loan by teachers
17. Ordering and maintaining curriculum materials for teachers for use at the AT lab
18. Consulting with software vendors, Vision vendors, Hearing Impaired Vendors, Literacy software vendors as well as those dealing with fine motor issues.
19. Installing peripherals for teachers in classrooms when needed including touch monitors, adaptive keyboards, special track balls and computer peripherals
20. Staying apprised of  new software, new devices along with technical research
21. Attending to special modifications and accommodations for students via Staffing Specialists and ordering materials especially for FCAT. Example: large print tests and textbooks
22. Maintaining a solid relationship with the South Region Assistive Technology Network out of Ft. Lauderdale who have contributed to our loan library and PD
23. Maintaining a relationship with the Assistive Technology Educational Network in Sanford, Florida
24. Maintain a relationship with FDLRS functions in Miami who partially fund these positions
25. Providing ongoing PROFESSIONAL Development for our teachers from Key West to Key Largo throughout the academic school year
26. Responding to a teacher, Staffing Specialist, or other Professional with an AT related question/need/request w/in 24 hours.
27. Maintaining a site on the District home page for AT that includes our roles, Professional Calendar and what the program is about.
Set DAY(s) in each month:
1.      Each Friday is set for AT assessment, report writing, following up on AT students, consultation with OT, PT’s, SLP’s and teachers as needed. Equipment is ordered, trials are set for students in a classroom. Modifications made if current equipment is not working. Delivery and set up of equipment needs to be completed in a timely fashion so as not to be out of compliance with the student’s IEP.
2.      District Technology meetings approximately 2 per semester
3.      South Region Assistive Technology Education Network consortium responsibilities- minimum 1 day per month or via adobe connect
4.      Professional Training for teacher preparation
5.      Professional Trainings- see Mylearningplan
6.      Search current and new equipment online- I day per month
7.      Office Day- minimum ½- 1 day per week to return e-mails, requests, trouble shooting, scheduling meetings, technical support, research equipment needs, package and send back equipment to be repaired, send out needed equipment from the lab and most importantly to get equipment out to students
8.      After School lab for teacher make and take and research by electronic appointment at the AT lab in Key West
9.      AT assessments- one to two days a month with OT and PT.
10. ½ day per month for consulting with HI, VI, software vendors,OT’s, PT’s, staffing specialists, obtaining quotes for equipment for all students in need.
11. Student support/teacher support/equipment set up/pick up 1-2 days per week from Key West to Key Largo
12. Attending special trainings- ESE/AT/VI/DHH
13. Attending special trainings or webinars- software/equipment related- 1 day per month
14. Getting equipment out to teachers w/in a 24 hour period of time from the lab – 1- 3 hours a week
15. Learning new software and Equipment typically done AFTER HOURS
If you need any further information, don’t hesitate to contact us.
293-1418 extension 66305
Last Updated: 10/3/17
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